It’s nearly Christmas and we are all getting our houses decorated and feeling festive. When it comes to Christmas decorations, we all love a professionally done festive floral bouquet like these from this florist Tewkesbury based The Flower Shed.

A festive flower display is a great way to brighten up your Christmas lunch table. One of the most iconic Christmas flowers of all has to be the Poinsettia. With its bright red flowers, it just shouts Christmas to us – here are some facts about this festive flower…

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It originates in Mexico – Here is where it lives in the wild and was where it was first adapted as a Christmas plant. It can grow up to 15 feet tall in the wild, but due to it’s need for a warmer climate, is kept as a houseplant in the UK and parts of North America.

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They are toxic to cats – If you have a four-legged friend around your house it is best not to keep one on these plants as it is highly toxic to cats.

They are big Business – The sale of Poinsettias in the USA is worth around 250 million dollars! Most of the plants sold there are grown in the state of California.

There are other colours of Poinsettias available – These flowers also come in a wide range of other colours, including pink, yellow and white – but the beautiful bright red is still the most popular choice of colour by far.

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