rustic garden

with the new trends of this 2019, there are many readers who are interested in the possibility of designing a rustic garden in their own homes, and that is why we show you some elements that we consider key in these cases.

The first thing we must say if you are interested in the possibility of designing a rustic garden is that it is a trend that has been imposed in recent years and that by 2019 is at the top of the preferences of the public. On the characteristics of this type of gardens, we must say that they are those that recall the fields and green areas that formerly were not so far from the towns or cities.

Normally some of the elements that we must take into account if we want to design a rustic garden are related to the incorporation of retro or vintage style furniture, without losing sight of newer but worn out ones. One of the advantages of the rustic gardens is that it is not necessary to have great knowledge of gardening, but the basic ones that we will require in any type of circumstances.

What to keep in mind when?


One of the first aspects that we must take into account when designing a rustic garden has to do with the ground, because of course if we are going to create it from scratch it is what we have to define before the other elements. Here we must know that there are some specific materials more necessary than others, in the cases for example of stones, bricks or paving stones that will save us covering the lawn all over the place.

A really important advantage that we should know when we are going to design a rustic garden, is that unlike practically any other type of design, here we do not need that the internal roads are straight, nor that the ground is level.

The plants

rustic garden

Once we have decided to design a rustic garden and have the soil already prepared, the next step is related to the need to establish well the plant species we are looking for as complements. Obviously, there are some options more related to this type of gardens, such as herbaceous shrubs, wild plants with herbs or vegetables of the usual in the gardens.

There are many people who when they have already managed to design a rustic garden and have the main plants mentioned above, then seek to fill some spaces using different alternatives such as climbing plants or some abundant in flowers.

The furniture

If we are about to design a rustic garden and we already have the floor and the plants, it is logical to think that the next step comes from the furniture side, since it is almost always recommended to use those built in different woods. If you are looking for an even more pronounced effect when designing a rustic garden, we can also advise you to look for some made in stone, and why not use both benches or hammocks to complement.

The rustic pots

Then with the soil, the plants and most of the furniture, the only thing left to us when designing a rustic garden, or almost the only thing, are the pots, in which we recommend incorporating both flowers and herbs. On the other hand, there are those who choose to use pots overturned on the side of a road or among the herbs as if they had not been used for a long time, and would have been left in that position due to carelessness.

And the lighting

Although some might think that when designing a rustic garden, in reality, the light remains pending of what is natural lighting, in reality, what happens is that we have to try to make everything look as much as possible in these cases. Of course, one of the tendencies at the moment of trying to make everything look old are the lanterns, an ideal complement especially if we have to organize a dinner or event with our acquaintances.

Design a rustic garden, a cheap and simple idea

One of the big questions for which we recommend designing a rustic garden has to do with that being able to use all kinds of products, we have the chance to recycle many of them avoiding having to buy new ones. For the technical elements mentioned above, we already know that designing a rustic garden is something cheap, while on the other hand, we do not have to know too much about gardening. In conclusion, designing a rustic garden is the ideal option for those who want something fashionable, simple, and without costing half a salary.

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