Tips for the ST Augustine grass care

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San Agustín grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) is a salt-tolerant lawn suitable for subtropical and humid areas. It is widely cultivated in Florida and other warm season states. It is a compact greenish-blue lawn that grows well in a variety of soil types as long as they are well drained. We show […]

Types of jade plants, for plant beside house

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The Jade plant is one of the most recurrent indoor plants, mainly due to its easy maintenance, probably easier than any other indoor plant. We recommend some types of jade plants similar to the cactus, it is placed in offices and work zones, as a symbol of health and good […]

tomato plant care

How to grow tomato tree? Tomato plant care guide

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When we think of tomatoes, this intense red fruit often comes to mind, associated with the summer sun and growing in the orchards in the form of clusters that clump together in the branches of different bushes. They grow at ground level if they are not they place properly with […]

How to get rid of groundhogs by home remedies

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Groundhogs, also known as Groundhogs, are the third largest rodents in North America, entering behind the beaver and the porcupine. Groundhogs dig huge burrows that pose health risks to animals, people and farm animals. They also eat large amounts of vegetation and can destroy other plants and gardens. You need […]

Top 14 common house plants according to medic

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The medicinal plants take thousands of years helping people. It helps people to treat their illnesses and ailments, improving their health. From Vertical Gardens we want to present some of the most common house plants and easy to get medicinal plants. explaining what their benefits are and their different uses. This […]

make homemade fertilizer

How to make homemade fertilizer easily to keep your plants

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Making your plants, garden or garden reach an optimal state, providing them with the necessary nutrients they require, is not that complicated. If you do not want to throw away chemical elements you can learn how to make homemade fertilizer easily. Do you want to take a look?