The important news and the hot topics of discussion around the world are Global Warming, Climate Change and how to protect the Environment by lowering Carbon Emissions and turning away from fossil fuels to more sustainable methods of providing electricity for our homes.  Using specialist, experienced, companies that can provide quality Solar Panel Installation Clevedon, the homeowners of this small seaside town are doing their bit to save the planet.  By Investing in Solar Panels, they are making a significant contribution to lowering their own Carbon Footprints and together they are positively impacting on the negative use of non-sustainable fossil fuels and helping prevent Climate Change.

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At the northern end of Clevedon Hill, you will find the Seventeenth Century Walton Castle, built for the Somerset MP, Lord Poulett as a hunting lodge.  In 1978 the then derelict Castle was purchased by Martin Sessions-Hodge for the grand sum of just £1 and he has since invested lots of his own time and money into the building, restoring it to its former glory.

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The Grade 11 listed Royal Pier Hotel located next to the Clevedon Pier was built by Thomas Hollyman in 1823, after it eventually fell into disrepair in 2001, it was restored and converted into luxury apartments. Clevedon locals are proud of their history and are actively investing lots of their time and money into their homes, making them environmentally fit for their children and ensuring the future of the planet for generations to come.

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