During the summer we are always out in our gardens making them look lovely – but it is also important that we pay this much attention to them during the winter. In fact, because of the bad weather that we get during the winter it is probably more important that we make sure that our gardens are well maintained.

One of the things that can suffer over the winter is the fence. Being made of wood, it must be protected against the winter storms – there are lots of wood treatments that you can use to keep your fence strong and rot free, but as parts of the fence are underground it can get weaker throughout the years.

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Make sure that you repair any damage that you find to a fence as soon as it happens – this will save you doing a much larger repair job further down the line. Visit somewhere like this timber merchants Southampton to get the wood you need to make repairs to your fence.

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As well as fences, there are other things we can do to keep our gardens looking good over the winter – put garden furniture away in a shed or garage – as it won’t be used during this time it keeps it out of the harsh winter weather.

If you want to add some colour to your winter garden, why not plant some evergreen bushes like holly, and fill pots and hanging baskets with winter pansies for a splash of colour in the drearier months.

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