Crocheting is a delightful hobby enjoyed by people around the world. But it’s not without its challenges, and problems do crop up.
Don’t drop a stitch

Dropping a stitch can create holes in your piece. If you catch it early, you can use a crochet hook to pick up the dropped stitch and work it back into place. If you notice the mistake after you’re further into the project, you may need to unravel your creation back to the mistake and then rework the stitches.

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Wrong yarn weight or hook size

Using the wrong yarn weight or hook size can result in a finished piece that is too loose, too tight, or a different size than intended. Always refer to the yarn label for the recommended hook sizes and gauge. If your gauge is off, try using a different hook size until you achieve the correct gauge. Also, make sure that the yarn weight matches the pattern requirements.

Crochet is a global pastime that brings comfort to many. According to ABC News, crochet is bringing comfort, mindfulness and healing to people in Australia.

Watch out for gaps at the start of rows

Gaps can form at the start of your rows due to improper turning or skipping the first stitch. To avoid this, always chain the appropriate number of stitches at the beginning of a row to achieve the correct height for the stitch you’re using. Also, make sure to work into the first stitch of the previous row to prevent gaps.

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Despite these common errors, crochet is an enjoyable hobby and it has a social aspect to it. If you want to join in, an array of crochet kits is available from stockists such as

Familiarise yourself with the pattern before beginning

Misinterpreting a pattern can lead to errors that you will want to avoid. Always read through the pattern before you begin and make sure you understand each instruction. Refer to any diagrams or video tutorials if needed. If you realise you’ve misread a pattern mid-project, take the time to correct the mistake before continuing.

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