Winter is not the typical time of the year to be doing gardening, but there are lots of things that you do need to do in your garden to ensure that you can keep the garden up together and prevent and damage which may occur over the winter months.

Plants are one of the most favourite parts of a garden and should definitely be protected from the winter frosts. Move vulnerable plants into a greenhouse over the winter or cover them with a protective material which you can buy from a garden centre to keep the weather away from them.

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Spend some time maintaining the things that you need for your garden – the winter is a great time to do this as you don’t use garden equipment as much so give garden furniture a fresh coat of paint and a clean before tucking it away in the garage, and mend any machinery such as lawnmowers – you can purchase Briggs and Stratton parts from Briggs Bits.

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Over the winter the weather can play havoc with your fence, so it is a good idea to check it regularly to look for any signs of damage. If you find any, you can repair it straight away which will save you having to do a much larger repair job further down the line.

The wildlife has a hard time over the winter, so prepare a bird table for the birds and top up fresh food and water daily. Also, remember if you are having a bonfire that you check it thoroughly before lighting for any hibernating hedgehogs.

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