Plant trees with our 10 tips

Remember that trees cannot be planted as and where we want. There are also condominium and town planning regulations. Check, upon arrival, that the tree has no broken branches or cuts on the trunk

Plant  trees

Planting a tree is like daydreaming. We can all do it. Without wasting too much energy, but first of all without wasting our enthusiasm and our desire to contribute to a country with more trees (in Italy we already have 20 billion).

HOW TO PLANT A TREEPlant trees with our 10 tips

But planting a tree also requires a method, several small attentions, and knowledge of regulations, which is valid both for a single person and for any association of volunteers working in this sector. Therefore, no anarchy and no improvisations. Only the right skills and the right advice to avoid mistakes.


Here are the 10 essentials, with which you will be able to have your tree in a reasonable time. Where you want.

  1. Choose the tree well. The variables are different and range from the climate of the area (hence the most suitable tree species) to the soil, up to the specificity of the area. A preliminary warning: zero tantrums. Trees are planted as, where and when possible. And for certain answers, it is advisable to contact an expert, at least for a flying consultation. A good nurseryman, an agronomist, the local ARPA and the forest ranger of the area where you live.
  2. Evaluate the terrain well. Also in this case improvisations are not recommended. You run the risk, very likely, of wasting money on a useless purchase. And to lose the tree. An example: trees do not lend themselves well, especially some, to excessive slopes. In any case, the characteristics of the soil are also decisive for the choice of the type of tree you are going to plant.
  3. Respect the neighbor. There is no need to invoke laws, regulations, stamped papers. Common sense is enough. When you go to plant a tree you must always evaluate the impact that derives for your neighbor, especially if it is destined to grow a lot. So if you raise the view of those who live next door, it is better to give up and find another solution for your passion. The clash, up to the court, otherwise becomes automatic.
  4. Town planning regulations. No citizen, no association, can independently decide to plant trees in their street or in their neighborhood. It’s right. Otherwise, there would be chaos and no advantage for the community. The planting of a tree must be shared with the competent bodies if it is a road or a public area. And arm yourself with holy patience for this negotiation. In any case, even if you have chosen other areas, inquire about what the municipal town planning regulation provides. Just a phone call to the municipality.
  5. In condominium. To plant a tree in a condominium, a resolution of the assembly voted by half plus 1 of those present is required. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong and misinterprets an old sentence of the Court of Cassation. Obviously the plants must not create nuisances and dangers for all the condominiums and the administrator will present a quote and choose the nurseryman. You can suggest it.
  6. Where to buy it. This is a fundamental choice. Seed, seedling or tree already with a stem: in any case, woe betides the nurseryman. He must be trustworthy, competent and honest and must have the willingness to accompany you on the path, even after planting.
  7. Verification of the plant. Once your tree arrives at the requested address, check that everything is in order. First of all, there must be no broken branches, perhaps during transport, or cuts on the trunk.
  8. When to plant it. Again the decisive word belongs to the nurseryman, and much depends on the type of plant. In any case, avoid periods of rain and frost.
  9. The right hole. It must be 2-3 times the root ball width and as high as the root ball. Obviously, no part of the roots must remain exposed, and the hole must be covered with compost and earth. Do this procedure very gently: both the plants and the soil must be treated with care from the first moment.
  10. Compact the earth. It is necessary because the air pockets dry the roots. Also, use a stake as a brace to settle the roots and wet everything well from the beginning. Plant trees with our 10 tips

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