Mint is an aromatic plant widely used for various uses such as infusions or also in cocktails, to prepare some cocktails such as the famous mojito . Although we can find it in stores, it is always much better if we grow it ourselves at home and planting mint is a very simple task. It adapts very well to different climates and only needs light and a lot of humidity. So that you can also grow your own, we teach you the basic steps on how to plant mint.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

The ideal thing to sow mint is from cuttings of another plant and the ideal time to do so will be during the first weeks of spring.

Step: 2

A good idea is to put the cuttings in a glass submerging the roots in water so that they grow and can take root better.

Step: 3

We can plant the spearmint sprouts directly in the ground or in pots. The advantage of doing it in pots is that they can be moved in case the weather conditions are very adverse.

Step: 4

In case we plant mint in pots, we must choose one of considerable dimensions, since this plant spreads easily.

Step: 5

We will place a drainage system in the pot to prevent water from stagnating.

Step: 6

Next, we will fill the pot with plant substrate and we will place the mint cuttings.

Step: 7

We must place the pot in a place where it can be protected from solar radiation since it does not tolerate direct and constant exposure to the sun.

Step: 8

If we sow mint directly on the ground in our garden, we must also ensure that it is an area where the sun does not shine throughout the day. Therefore, the ideal place will be in a semi-shade.

Step: 9

We will have to water our peppermint plant constantly, to ensure that the soil is moist, but it is also very important that the roots do not get waterlogged, as they could rot.


If you also have mint plants in your garden, you should not put them close together as one will machete the other and they will all become mint plants.

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