Crafty knitters always need to know the upcoming colour trends. We reveal the six most exciting autumn colour trends for 2023, perfect for helping you pick out your next balls of yarn.
Milky Yellow

An unusual trend for autumn, yellow is usually more suited to spring, but it’s the creaminess of this yellow that makes it perfect for the hot chocolate season.

Slate Grey

Grey has been the new black for a long time now, but this year we forget the lighter shades from years gone by and welcome a more cool and collected charcoal onto our palettes. It goes with everything, so for knitting projects it’s a good grounding colour that can help foreground more vibrant tones. It also looks great with light and pastel shades.

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This is a classic autumnal shade that comes round year after year, and it is perfect as the primary colour choice in knitting projects. More sophisticated than purple, but still with a sense of the regal about it, a rich plum-like burgundy is a great choice for yarn for all sorts of projects, but it looks particularly great in jumpers, sweaters, and scarves.

Letterbox Red

The scarlet red of Hollywood lipsticks is enduringly glamorous and is the perfect way to brighten things up during the chilly months. Because it stands out so much, it’s a common colour in crochet kits. If you are looking for crochet kits, then Wool Couture stock crochet kits here, many of which contain red, or other colours from this year’s upcoming autumn trends.

Textured Black

An intense black never goes out of fashion, but this year it’s best textured. On the catwalks, it has shown up glossy, velvety, as a mesh, or even fur-like. When it comes to wool you can go for flecked black or extra fluffy yarns. Again, black is a common colour in crochet kits, and seeing as crocheting has been shown to improve mood, it’s time to rethink this colour.

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Whatever you are planning on knitting or crocheting this autumn, make sure you make the most of these exciting colour trends.

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