If you are a landlord looking to rent out a property you’ve probably encountered a letting agent at some point. Whether you’ve spoken with them in an office, been chauffeured around town in their branded vehicle or seen their signage on the roadside, letting agents play a critical role for landlords. They value a property, market it, find tenants and carry out reference checks and background searches before a tenant moves in.

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Depending on the level of involvement you want from your letting agency they may offer various service packages. Some agents offer a basic tenant-find service which usually involves taking professional photographs and producing floor plans for the property, advertising it in locations such as property websites and newspapers. They will also arrange and attend viewings, conduct references and checks and create an inventory. For advice from Letting Agents Gloucester, contact a site like https://www.thomasandthomasproperty.co.uk

Other agencies provide ongoing services such as rent collection and property inspections which can be included in a package or charged separately depending on the agency. They can also handle legal requirements over protecting the deposit and chase up rent arrears, serve notices or even advise you on evicting a tenant if necessary. They may also offer insurance that guarantees your income in the event of rental arrears.

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If you’re using a letting agency to manage your property it’s important that they understand the local market and have experience of managing a variety of properties. They should be able to advise on the rental potential for your property and show you examples of similar properties they’ve let out before. They’ll also be able to suggest any improvements you can make to maximise your return.

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