There are many things in the home that can cause a fire – here are some of the top causes of house fires…

Candles – Many people enjoy having candles in the home – the ambient lighting that they create, as well as the lovely scents from candles make them a popular household item. However, if a candle is knocked over it can cause a fire, so always ensure that candles are not left unattended.

Cooking – When cooking, you could be creating a fire hazard in the home. Leaving food cooking unattended is a big cause of fires in the home, so keep an eye on your food when you are cooking!

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Electricals – Electricals are all over the home and the house is wired with electricity – however, if this wiring is not done correctly or has become damaged, this can mean it is a fire hazard. Getting a professional like this Cheltenham electrician to check your electrics for you is a good idea, especially if you suspect there is something wrong.

Tumble Dryers – A modern convenience yes – but also a fire hazard. Always ensure that the lint screen is kept clean, and the vent tube isn’t blocked to reduce this risk.

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Heated Appliances – So many people now have the convenience of a heated hair styling tool, however if not treated with care these can result in a house fire. Hair tongs and straighteners can get really hot, and if they are left on a carpet or another flammable material, this could lead to a house fire.


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