Lentils are one of the best-known and most nutritious legumes in the world, which also happens to be one of the oldest. Native to the Middle East, there are different varieties of lentils. But due to their high protein and mineral content. They are the basis of many diets (especially vegetarian ones).

Would you like to have your own planting of lentil plants at home? But do not know how to germinate their seeds or plant them? Don’t worry, we teach you how to plant lentils at home and we also show you how to plant lentils in cotton so that the little ones at home can enjoy making inventions and watching their own plants germinate. Take note!

How to plant lentils at home – step by step

The lentil is a type of plant highly consumed throughout the world thanks to its properties and its high content of vegetable protein. In addition, the lentil plant is a legume that can be planted easily and quickly inside your home, whether in a pot, in your garden, or in a field. If you want to learn how to plant lentils at home easily, follow these instructions:

  1. Prepare the soil: lentil plants need a substrate rich in organic matter in order to develop. You can prepare your soil with compost and humus to give the legume everything you need. Remember that the ideal pH should be between 5.5 and 9. If you want to know How to make compost for the garden, in our article we give you all the details.
  2. Prepare the lentil seeds that you are going to plant: effective practice for this is soaking. This is based on leaving the seeds overnight in a container with water so that they hydrate well and the germination process is activated. On the other hand, if you have the lentil seedlings ready for their final transplant, just remove them from their seedbed and transplant them immediately so that the seedling does not become too weak.
  3. Open the holes for sowing: open one or more holes in the soil about 2 cm deep with a separation of 15 cm between one hole and another. Remember that the soil must be rich in nutrients. If you are planting lentil seedlings, cut a hole about 2 inches deep for each lentil plant. On the other hand, if you want to plant lentils in a pot at home. You should know that it is completely possible. You will only have to open the holes to sow inside a pot that is large enough, and then proceed to introduce the seeds.
  4. Sow your seeds or seedlings: introduce your seeds or seedlings of lentils. You are going to cover the seeds with a layer of 2 cm of the substrate. If they are seedlings, cover the edges with the substrate, but without compacting it.
  5. Water once every 2 days: do it without flooding, since the intention is only to moisten the soil.

Would you like to have your own planting and harvest your own food? we teach you how to make a garden at home. Cheer up!

How to plant lentils at home – step by step

Planting lentils in a glass with cotton is one of the most educational and fun experiments that exist for the little ones. If you want to have a great time with your son/daughter or you are a teacher and you want to present an entertaining activity to your students, do not miss this section. Here we explain how to plant lentils in cotton in a glass. You will love it!

  1. Take a transparent glass that you have at home and add cotton to about half.
  2. Next, pour some water into the glass so that the cotton is soaked through.
  3. Add the lentils that you want to germinate into the glass. And leave them in a place in your house where the sun touches. Make sure the lentils are tightly attached to the cotton.
  4. After 24 hours, some lentils may have grown a root. If not, do not worry, because surely you can see them throughout the next day.
  5. Around the fourth day, you will be able to identify some stems in the lentils. These stems must continue to grow for the process to develop properly. A few days later, you will see how the stem has grown noticeably and the root is already looking perfect.
  6. When about a week has passed, leaves will start to emerge from the plant. An indication that your experiment has gone as expected.

Now, if you wish, you can go on to plant your lentils in the ground as we have taught you in the previous section. This way you will make them grow even more!

How to germinate lentils in a glass with cotton

So that once planted your lentils can grow healthy and strong, we present some cares that you should take into account. Lentils are not complicated legumes to care for, however, it is important that you respect their needs:

  • Keep the soil moist at all times but remember that your soil must never get waterlogged.
  • To avoid disease, it is important that you keep the soil free of weeds. And that you always remove dead leaves from plants, as well as those that look bad.
  • If the soil hardens at some point due to the mixture of nutrients and the storm, break the surface but always with great care.
  • Faced with a possible plague (the most common of lentils are larvae and black aphids) we recommend that you try to remove the visible insects with your own hands and that you spray a little neem oil all over your plant. This is an Ecological insecticide perfect to combat pests and diseases.

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