tips to decorate your small apartment

Today, living spaces are getting smaller and more limited, so to achieve a visually pleasing appearance in this type of home, you need to be very intelligent, as well as organized.
It is a matter of knowing how to select appropriate and functional furniture and decorative objects for small spaces.
To help us with the task, we chatted with Will Taylor, an interior decorating expert for Marshalls, who shared five of his best tricks.

1.- Fix the messtips to decorate your small apartment

Before renovating a small space it is important to review the inevitable accumulation of items that we probably have. This will help clarify the next steps to take.

“Take the time to focus on what is really needed. What can you donate, throw away or keep? I always ask myself the question: Have I used this item in the last six months or so? If the answer is no, then it is donated or thrown away, ”he says.

2.- Elegant storagetips to decorate your small apartment

Let’s face it: you can’t cut all the mess! We all have some things in our lives that are not aesthetically pleasing, like phone chargers to remote controls, but they all need a place to ‘live’. The key is to organize those unsightly must-have accessories by using stylish storage.

“In stores like Marshalls, there are practical storage options, such as a large woven basket where I keep my gym bag in the living room of my New York apartment. My bag is easy to hide by putting an extra pillow and blanket on top, providing a storage solution for a bulky item that I can’t put in my closet and don’t want to display. ”

3.- Add color in small dosestips to decorate your small apartment

Small spaces often suffer from limited natural light, and adding color through glossy paint can sometimes be a solution, but embarking on a full painting project doesn’t always solve this problem, as it sometimes makes the room feel dark and small.

However, it is possible to add color easily.

“Classic blue has always been my favorite color (it’s also Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year) and, for me, it often serves as neutral. This shade can help bring serenity to space while offering a canvas on which other accent colors and textures can be placed, ”says Taylor.

This versatility makes blue a great color to refresh small spaces. If you currently have a neutral room, consider adding blue pillows and a folded blanket over the arm of a sofa to add texture and layered color through a single element.

“Marshalls has a great selection of designer blankets and colorful pillows and I love that I don’t need to spend a lot to add a pop of color and instant flair to my space,” says Taylor.

4.- Choose smart furnituretips to decorate your small apartment

Furniture arrangement can make a big difference for a small space. If you want to buy new furniture, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, to make your space look longer, add a sofa with continuous cushions as they help to visually lengthen the space. Second, when choosing furniture avoid skirted bottoms and instead opt for pieces that have free space underneath. Seeing the floor underneath the furniture will make the place seem bigger and airier.

Third, look carefully at the width of the arms and back of sofas and chairs. These vary widely, and it’s important to remember that a thick arm doesn’t necessarily make a sofa more comfortable, but it will definitely take up a lot of valuable space. Fourth, look for multipurpose parts. Storage ottomans and side tables with sockets are functional and make the most of your space.

5.- Don’t forget the light and the aromatips to decorate your small apartment

Light is always important, but especially in small spaces where lighting can be overwhelming. The key is to make sure you have softer lighting available and can adjust it for different moods and moments.

“I always look for unique floor and table lamps to help bring interesting textures and patterns to space,” explains Tylor.

Also, adding a new scent is the easiest way to make a living room feel fresh right away, however, it is important to change odors as your nose will adjust and be prone to the same scent.

“Personally, I like to do this seasonally and with candles, there are always fantastic options to keep my living space smelling fresh,” concludes the expert.

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