Moving house is rarely an enjoyable task but there are things that you can do to prevent it being more of a hassle than it needs to be. Sensible packing is one of the best ways to alleviate the stress and the following top tips aim to help you out.

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When to start?

Forget where to begin, the first question to answer is when you should start packing? The answer is EARLY! Just as you started looking for conveyancing solicitors Maidstone early, you need to get those packing boxes out as soon as you can. On average, a large house will take two months to pack up based on you sorting out one box a day.

Room by room

Take a leaf out of the book of your conveyancing solicitors Maidstone and work methodically. Packing room by room is the most organised way to do it. This makes it super-simple to label boxes and ensure that your belongings make it to the right locations at your new house.

Don’t pack what you don’t need

Before you pack anything, make sure that its something that you actually want or need. Moving house is a great excuse to declutter and so be brutal and sell, donate, or dump all of those things that don’t need a place in your new home.

Pack for safety

Don’t overfill your packing boxes and think about what you are packing with what and whether one item could damage another. Pack liquids in sealed plastic bags or containers and use cardboard tubes to pack appliance and other electrical wiring to prevent them from ending up as a tangled mess. You also need to remember that someone has to lift the boxes you pack and so, as a general rule, try not to exceed 30lbs per box. Read more about safe lifting on the NHS website at

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Keep valuables safe

Moving house can leave everything in array but make sure you always know where your valuable items and important documents are. Conveyancing solicitors Maidstone advise to pack your valuables together and make sure you have a detailed inventory to make sure that nothing gets lost or forgotten.

If you have very valuable items or want the security of knowing they are totally safe as you move, consider renting a safe deposit box.

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