There are many options when it comes to what colour to choose for your doors and window frames. It can be a surprisingly daunting task for some.

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What To Look At

Firstly, it’s important to look at what type of property you have, the type of doors and the kind of windows. For example, many windows Cirencester tend to maintain the Victorian-style look, meaning gentler colours would likely work better on those properties.

Next, the style of the doors and windows is an important factor to take into account, as they need to fit the vision that you have for your property in the long term. If they don’t, there are specialists such as that you can consult to help you make the necessary changes.

Options to Consider

There are many things to consider when deciding what colour to choose.

For example, blue is calming and serene, natural colours may be comforting and homely, grey is classy and neutral, and red is bold. Further information on how colours can be used to enhance your space can be found here.

Then there are deeper, darker colours. They will likely make the window frame blend in with the glass, creating a smooth, even look.

Conversely, lighter shades will accentuate the window unit, producing a tasteful contrast. A way to use this to your advantage would be to have a dark frame alongside a light facade. It would contrast nicely while also making your property more eye-catching.

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Colourful shades such as plum, navy blue or forest green are all ideal choices that will make your exterior stand out.

If colourful isn’t what you have in mind, grey is another option. It’s a classic choice, not to mention popular as it blends well with most building materials.

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