Some of the main liquid fertilizers for citrus are slurry (from nettles or comfrey and nettle), liquid aloe vera fertilizer, compost tea, and humic acids. They are mostly very easy to use and their results are visible relatively quickly.

1. Tricks to make organic fertilizer

Any gardener will greatly benefit from composting at least some of the compost at home, mainly because of the financial advantages. The most advisable thing is to use a composter, for greater hygiene and comfort. There are also those who prefer to use a simple composter based on wooden boards, in any case below we will explain how it is made.

Place different leftovers of plant origin in the chosen composter: leaves, legume remains, shells and even roots. You can also add ruminant manure or mulch. We will moisten the content with water, cover it and let it rest for more than three weeks.

During the time that the fertilizer is fermenting, we will remove the matter and let it aerate a little. Following these tips, we will obtain a totally natural and free fertilizer. Of course, remember that it can smell a bit bad, it is better to place this fertilizer for lemon trees outside.

2. Trick to improve the quality of organic fertilizer

The variety of types of materials in the preparation of organic fertilizer will greatly improve its quality, for this reason, we have prepared an extra section in which we show you the best “ingredients” to create an excellent homemade fertilizer for lemon trees.

As we have explained, you can use any leftover vegetable origin, but have you noticed that coffee grounds can be used to fertilize plants? The truth is that in addition to acting as a repellent against various insects and parasites, coffee grounds contain natural fertilizing elements.

On the other hand, one of the best ways to enrich a substrate, apart from the use of manure that we have already mentioned, is the use of earthworm humus, which will greatly improve the quality of the fertilizer for lemon trees.

3. The trick for zinc intake

Bury a can of any soft drink and moisten the soil. As it corrodes, it will release the zinc needed by the plant.

4. The trick for the contribution of lime

Crush eggshells and add them to the compost or directly to the soil of the lemon tree. As an advantage, we can highlight that it keeps away snails or slugs and some insects. Unfortunately, an excess of calcium is not suitable for the lemon tree. Use it only from time to time.

5. The trick for iron intake

Search the market for iron chelates, an economical product that will have a very positive impact on your lemon tree. It will be enough to bury them near the tree and water so that the iron is released.

Extra tips for using organic fertilizer on lemon trees

The fertilization will begin with the arrival of spring and will continue until the end of autumn.

If you have acquired a plant, do not fertilize it until after its second flowering after planting. Of course, offer him a quality floor.

The lemon tree does not feel comfortable with soil that is too moist. Make sure the soil is well-drained and that the water is adequately filtered.

Iron supplies either by canning or in small chelates will be added during spring flowering.

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