bike fence

Good morning friends, today in our space I surprise you with this bike fence. It is not necessary to use the body, only the wheels with their radial … perfect to surround our small garden. I loved the idea, it is original and not only this … you can also learn to recycle another item such as bicycles.

The idea to make a bike fence

If you have one or more at home that you do not use, remove the wheels and get them for your fence. You can also get more in scrapyards or if you know someone who has and is going to throw the bike. On other occasions, I have spoken of different fences, but almost always on bushes and other plants. This time it is a slightly more original idea, something eccentric and a certain different touch .. surely not many people use to close the wheels of a bicycle. You can make a more or less large fence, depending on what you need to do. As you see it is easy. First choose a place where your small garden will go, although you do not need to fence only this … you can also use them to the fence and decorate other types of ornamental plants. bike fence Work the earth and sow what you need, water and ready. Now we make a groove around the garden and put the wheels in them. Make sure they are well fixed, in this way make a trench a bit deep .. that at least a third of these wheels are inside the trench. Then add earth and ready .. Try to be well aligned and more or less at the same height .. so we will get a good result. It is another great idea to give color to the wheels, if you do not like the original .. you can always try them before putting them as fences. For this you only have to clean them very well, getting rid of all the dirt, dust and grease that you may have. Then with spray paint, the color you like the most, spray the whole article. Paint both on one side, as on the other side and give as many layers as you need. When it is well dry, do what I have mentioned in previous paragraphs to put the wheels as fencing.

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