Are you planning to decorate your Timber Framed Extension? Colours are important, since it can make the room look much larger and spacious and can even highlight the decorations or items in the room. Nowadays there are various designs and colours which can help you to choose which colour you will be using for your house extension. However, before selecting the colours you need to take some considerations into account such as how it can enhance your interiors and will it blend well with the design and colours of other furniture or fixtures.

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When you have decided to decorate a space for yourself, you must first of all decide which area you will be decorating. Next you must plan the layout of the room. Now you can go to the nearest store in your area and choose from the varieties fittings and accessories available there. If you want an antique look you should go for these fittings, if you want something modern then you can go for the modern ones. You can choose curtains and soft furnishings according to the designs and styles that you desire.

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After selecting the appropriate accessories for your extension, you must consider the colour that you would like to use. Colours for extensions are usually available in neutral tones such as light brown, cream, yellow and white, but you can also opt for a lighter shade which will help you to make your space look brighter and more spacious. There are also light blues and greens which can enhance the look of this space for you.. However, if you are opting for a darker colour for your extension then it is better to go for a brighter colors such as bright red, blue or green. Think about how much natural light you get in this space of yoru home before deciding on a final colour.


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