It is possible to save a knocked-out tooth, but it requires quick action and proper handling. You should grasp the tooth carefully, only touching the crown, if possible. Try not to handle the root as this can injure those cells needed for reattachment.

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Clean the tooth if necessary

If there is dirt on the tooth, wash it gently with a saline solution or milk. Do not rub at the tooth or use soap, alcohol or other cleaners, as this can damage the root surface.

Reposition the tooth if possible

If possible, try to reposition the tooth back into its hole. Keep the tooth steady by pressing with your finger or gently biting down on a clean pad or cloth. Alternatively, place the tooth in a container of milk to keep it moist. The Sun reinforces the point that if a child’s tooth is knocked out, you need to pick it up by the crown and not the root.

Now is the time to seek medical care

Seek emergency dental care as time is of the essence when it comes to saving a knocked-out tooth. Ideally this should be within 30 minutes of the injury, although this may not always be possible. The dentist may be able to reattach the tooth successfully if it is handled and treated promptly.

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Follow the dentist’s instructions

Once you reach the dental office, the dentist will assess the tooth and determine the best course of action, which may include reattachment or other treatment options. Remember, the sooner you can get professional dental care after a tooth has been knocked out, the better the chances of saving the tooth. Even if you are unable to reattach the tooth, a dentist can discuss options for replacing it to restore your smile.

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