spiders in the garden

Having spiders in the garden or green spaces would not hurt at all since these insects play a key role. So if you do not know the benefits of having these guests at home, it would be worth knowing them so you can give them a second chance.

Benefits of spiders in the garden

Spiders help plants grow strong, as they help keep predators of considerable size away. In addition, these insects are sensitive to insecticide chemicals. By not having these harmful substances in the garden, it will be a sign of healthy soil and the plants will be free of toxins.

The cobwebs of the spiders allow us to catch insects that are harmful to the garden and even to us. There may be very dangerous animals that, with their venom, cause very severe damage. So thanks to these fine fabrics, you can get rid of them and cause them problems with the vegetables and vegetables in the gardens and greenhouses.

How they hunt their prey

For spiders, there are no impossible, as well as their webs for those predators that are flying and fall into their nets. They are also willing to hunt them when they crawl on the ground. They are installed on the underside of the leaf or stems to avoid being seen and, in this way, be able to fight harmful insects without even being seen.

spiders in the garden

In this case, if you want the presence of arachnids, it is necessary to promote wet, dark sectors and avoid the use of agrochemicals. These are not going to invade the spaces, but they will be present in the gardens or orchards to watch all the time.

So if you notice the presence of spiders in your garden do not kill them, as they contribute to the balance of pests, eliminating an existing population in the garden. They even contribute to the production of forest regeneration. Regardless of whether a fire has occurred, these species (those that have been saved in the face of such a catastrophe) will begin their work for such regeneration. Incredible!

What do you think? Are spiders disgusting? Have you seen some hanging around your garden? Did you even imagine everything a spider can do for your garden? Do not forget to tell us all your feelings about these little animals and if you think they really contribute to the well-being of your plants.

Spiders kill these predators, without harming the plants or the garden. In this way, your crops will grow healthy and strong. If spiders start to appear in your garden, you have insects (since they are your food). The more spiders there are, the more insects have camped in your crops.

Normally in an orchard free of insecticides or pesticides, spiders can live quietly while there is food (insects) and this is good, to avoid possible pests as I said. If you get rid of pests with insecticides, knowing in advance that you had spiders … they will not survive.

Spiders catch their prey through their powerful fabrics; therefore most insects will be stuck to them and thus save your crops. Try not to eliminate spider webs that you see, as they are good. Other spiders can hunt directly and also contribute to the balance of pests. What do you think of our little friends?

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