Planting and growing things in the garden is such a fantastic way to spend time and is not only rewarding it is also great for your mental health. Nowadays we have a wide range of beautiful plants that we can grow in the garden that are readily available from places like this online garden centre Kent

As well as flowers, another good thing to get growing in the garden are herbs. They are useful for many things from cooking to herbal remedies, and you do not need much space to grow them in – even if you do not have a garden, you could grow some herbs in a window box.

If you are looking for some herbs to start growing, here are some of the popular types that you could start with…

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Basil – This is an immensely popular herb. You can start it off in February from seed indoors, and when all the dangers of the frosts are over, they can then be moved outdoors and planted in containers or into the ground. Harvest the leaves in June and July – they are great added to lots of dishes – make your own pesto or tomato and basil soup. Basil can also be used medicinally as an anti-inflammatory and a source of vitamin A for healthy eyes.

Rosemary – The herb of remembrance, Rosemary was once considered to be a herb that only grew in the garden of a wise woman! Plant it in the garden either in the Spring or the Autumn. Once established it will be easy to maintain and just require a little cutting each year. Rosemary is famously good with roast lamb, and it has many health benefits too – rich in antioxidants, and also good for clearing brain fog and giving you more focus.

Mint – This delicious herb is best planted in full sun or in an area that receives sun for much of the day. Cut it regularly and it will encourage the leaves to grow – from a seasoning for foods to your own mint sauce there are many recipes that you can use mint in. Because mint has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as being an anti-bacterial it is a popular skin remedy for those suffering from acne breakouts too, as well as for helping with digestive upsets and morning sickness.

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Lavender – This beautiful purple herb is a popular choice for gardeners – it is also loved by bees and butterflies, so it is good for a nature garden. It is easy to grow and quite a hardy plant, so it is great for a novice gardener. The most famous and widespread use of this herb is for calming and relaxing as well as aiding sleep. Putting lavender in a pillow makes you feel more relaxed. It is also loved as a skin remedy and can be used to soothe skin problems like burns, as well as insect bites and stings and rashes.

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