If you are going to build a home from wood or you use it for supports then Oak is the woods to use.  If you’ve seen an Oak tree you’ll know the thickness and size of the Trunk makes it the ideal and perfect  material for building in any kind of home.  Although we now favour the use of dressed stone, brick and breeze block,also combined with cement and mortar, there is something quite interesting and exciting about seeing a wooden structure when it is completed..  There is also the historical nature and knowledge of what oak has brought to the Country in its builds and its maritime past.

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It may well be that you will still see Oak in the modern home.   An oak truss for example is often used to provide the bedrock of support for a structure  within the home or even be the main material in  the home itself.  There is a very good reason why Oak is used to provide the bones of a house.  It offers immense strength and longevity over many other types of wood.

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This is also the reason why furniture, not  just chairs tables and wardrobes and even banister rails are made from Oak,  This  wood will stay longer, firmer and harder with proper protection and will last a lifetime. The staining, varnishing and coloration of oak is also a big  plus point in its favour over many other Woods.  There is also the fact that although this type of wood takes a long time to grow they are very sustainable.

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