The earth is in danger at the moment and the climate crisis is something that is being felt all around the world. As world leaders work together to tackle it, there are also things that we can do to help. Making changes to our lifestyle – recycling and using second-hand items rather than buying new, cycling rather than using the car and using solar energy in our homes are just a few ways of making these changes.

Our gardens are also another great space that we can utilise to help the environment. Here are three ways that your garden can be used to help the planet…

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Plant Trees – Trees are the lungs of the planet and are essential for preserving life on earth. They produce oxygen that we all need to breathe as well as supporting and sustaining vast numbers of birds, mammals and invertebrates. Having more trees can only be a good thing and trees in the garden also provide us with beautiful autumn displays, shade in the summer and can make us feel happy and peaceful. If you have trees in your garden currently, take care of them – in the autumn it is the best time to cut them back if they need it, get a professional in to do this like this tree surgery Gloucester based company as it is a dangerous thing to attempt on your own.

If you want to plant trees in your garden, consider the size of the garden, and what the tree will grow too – there are plenty of trees that suit smaller gardens so don’t be put off just because you don’t have a vast sprawling garden to plant a tree in!

Encourage Wildlife – Wildlife is under threat all over the world, so making space in the garden to provide animals with food, homes and shelter is important. Many species of birds in the UK are in decline, so set up a bird table and place some high up nesting boxes for them. This is particularly important to do during the winter when food is scarce.

Hedgehogs are also under threat, so create places for them to hibernate. You can buy hedgehog houses, or you could create them a special space under a pile of leaves.

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Grow your own Fruit and Vegetables – A really good way to eat in a more environmentally friendly way is to grow your own food. This means that your food won’t have travelled miles to be with you and it can also be a lot cheaper. Start off small if you are new to growing vegetables and just focus on a few things, once you have mastered this you can start to add in more – potatoes, carrots, purple sprouting and cabbages are all excellent additions to a vegetable garden, and you will just have to pop out to the garden to collect your fresh veg!

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