Decorating your home is something that allows you to make your own mark on your property and design it in a way that makes it more pleasing for you to spend time in. We are so fortunate nowadays to have so much at our disposal to help us make our home our own, from videos online that can show us how to do certain things around the house to professionals that can help us to get our dream home furnishings, such as this curtain makers Fulham based company The Boys Who Sew.

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However, just because we have all of this available to us in the modern world does not mean that making a home that is decorated how you want it is a new thing. This is something that has been done for centuries, however it is only in the last fifty years or so that it has become something that has become available to the masses, having previously been something that only the very rich and powerful were able to afford to do.

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This is not to say that you have to have everything brand new, and tailor made either – indeed, something that we are focussing on more now is the need to protect the environment, reuse and recycle as well as the beauty and charm of older furniture. This revival is perhaps the start of us going back to something that our grandparents would have done and embracing hand me down furniture and visiting second hand shops to get a good bargain to create a homely space.

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