The winter is not the time that we think much about our gardens. The summer is behind us and most people like to spend the winter growing bulbs and plants in the greenhouse ready for the spring. However, although the weather is cold, there are plants that you can have in the garden that will give you some winter colour and keep your garden from looking sparse and lifeless!

There are many garden centres that can provide you with these perfect winter plants, like these plants for trade Kent so see if any of these appeal to you and get your winter garden looking great…
Winter Honeysuckle – This sweet, scented plant flowers from around Christmas into February, taking your garden into the early spring. It has delicate white flowers which are pretty as well as being a treat for wildlife, but the real appeal is the sweet scent of this hardy and vigorous plant which can grow in most soil types.

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Pansies – Winter flowering pansies are something that many people love to have in their gardens over the winter. These jolly and brightly coloured blooms are strikingly beautiful and at a time when there is not much colour to be had in the garden, they are particularly outstanding. In tubs and borders they will provide a flash of bright colour on those gloomy winter days!

Daphne – For a plant that flowers at the later months of winter this is it! It flowers around February time, and there are various types of Daphne, with flowers that range from red to a pale pink. They are a great addition to a smaller garden, or a gravel garden and these colourful winter shrubs will be something that will add a beautiful colour splash to your garden.

Winter Heather – Some varieties of heather flower over the winter months and as well as looking beautiful, it is also very attractive to winter bees. Grow in pots if you do not want it to spread, as this is something that it will do over the years.

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Cyclamen – Dark and gloomy January is seen as the worst month of the year by many. However, the Cyclamen doesn’t think so, as this is the month when it will bloom! It does well around the bottoms of trees and is a very pretty and welcoming sight in the dark depths of winter! It will often stay in bloom until April so you will have it to admire into the Spring.

Witch Hazel – If you want a plant that is not only hardy and easy to grow, but also has many medicinal properties, then look no further than witch hazel! It flowers in the winter months and adds interest to a winter garden. There are a few different varieties of it to choose from. Not only is the extract known to soothe the skin, but it is also used in facial products as a natural cleanser.

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