The sunflowers are plants with a unique appearance, with different uses such as crop, ornamental, healing, etc. This plant grows in open environments and needs the sun to grow and develop.Now we will tell you how to take care of a sunflower if you have it as a plant or as decoration in a car or  flower arrangements of sunflowers .

How to care for the sunflower plant

The sunflower is not a plant that needs much care for its cultivation, more than necessary, irrigation and fertilizer periodically.

We will explain shortly how to take care of a sunflower .

In this aspect we will review the leaves and flowers of our sunflower in case there are no anomalies such as leaves with holes or spots, since these are indicators that something is happening in our sunflower.

Sunflower Diseases

As in many plants, sunflowers also suffer diseases that can be caused by bacteria caused by insects or by the land where it has been planted.

  • Chanro of the Stem:  It originates by excess of fertilizers or bad season of its culture.
  • Verticolosis: Causes that sunflower seeds are not suitable for use.
  • Sunflower Mildew:  Downy mildew is a disease that causes the sunflower to not grow normally and then it will appear as a white spot on the leaves, and eventually kill the plant.
  • Roya: It is a disease that causes the appearance of black or reddish spots on the leaves.

Treatments for Sunflower

If you want to treat your sunflowers in case diseases appear or you want to prevent them, you can use the following methods:

  • Verify the land:  If you have previously had illnesses in order to treat them for their better condition.
  • Preventive:  It is a habit that must be taken into account before carrying out any planting of sunflowers.
  • Biological: We will  use resistant genotypes that can not easily spread.
  • Chemicals:  Use chemicals with fungicides and we will prevent the spread of fungi in our plant
  • Choose a good season:  To be able to sow, prevent the time when sunflowers grow in a climate where it is optimal for the growth of sunflowers.

Keep in mind that it will always be better to consider pest prevention than cure because it can take time and more expense.

Sunflower Pests

Like all plants, sunflowers have insects that can alter their growth and development, such as:

  • Wireworms, white and gray are causing the plant not to develop.
  • The larvae of butterfly, whitefly, aphids and other sucking insects, are some of the plagues that appear in an isolated way, but we must know how to control it or it could seriously affect the plants.

How to care for the sunflower flower

The sunflowers are flowers tough and strong that can measure up to 3m. Tall. There are in different colors the classic yellow, orange and dark red. The shape of the sunflower can be found in large or small flowers, decorating with sunflowers , creates a more summery and warm because of its sunny appearance.

To take care of the sunflowers you will have to carry out the following steps:

  • Use glass or transparent vases and fill them with water at room temperature.
  • Add Nutrients for flowers to lengthen the life time of sunflowers.
  • Cut from 2 to 3cm approx. by diagonal stem
  • Remove excess leaves and avoid contact with the water in the vase.
  • Change the water regularly, because the sunflowers need plenty of water.
  • Place the vase in a place with light but that has no contact with sunlight and away from fruit bowls or hot and cold spots, as they would reduce the life time of the sunflower.

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