Most of us have encountered buffering issues at some point in our lives. While sending email with a little lag isn’t a big deal, streaming a video is. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to help prevent buffering. Here are some tips to speed up your internet. And don’t forget to check the performance of your computer and browser. Streaming in different browsers may make a big difference.

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Disable background applications. Many background applications are responsible for consuming system resources and causing long loading times and buffering. Especially, if you have a low-quality graphics card, it will consume more resources to process video data. In addition, background applications check for updates, download data, and send information. Examples of such applications are BitTorrent clients, Skype, Discord, and video games. Disabling these programmes will help prevent buffering. For help with broadband deals, go to a Vodafone Store Ireland like King Communications

Check your internet speed. If your internet connection is slow, your video may pause in the middle of streaming. You must make sure that your internet connection is fast enough to stream video in real time, and your router must be fast enough to send the video to all your connected devices. If you don’t have these two factors, your streaming may experience buffering.

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Check your device. Your buffering issue may be the result of a lack of memory. Close applications before streaming, and restart your device to free up memory. Alternatively, restart your device if you haven’t done so for a while. You may also want to install a software that allows you to save files in the background. This way, you can play videos and music without waiting for your entire video to load.


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