The hot tub is a place to relax. It is the place to pamper yourself with warm water enclosed in a tub. Hot tubs are used for hydrotherapy or massage. It is popularly known as a spa or Jacuzzi especially the one which is located indoors. Have you ever taken any interest to find out about the most important component of your hot tub- the heater? We know that our homes are heated by central heating, and maintained and installed by companies like this boilers Cheltenham based company .Well, if you are keen to learn about the hot tub heaters check out this blog which talks about different types of hot tub heater and their importance.

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There are three important types of hot tub heaters. Take a look at it.

Wood heater:

Wood burning variety is one of the oldest types of heaters. These are the most economical but can only be used with wooden tubs. Wood heaters are fuelled by cordwood or coal. It is one of the most efficient heaters that you can choose. The Wood hot tub heater is ideal for those who hardly use a hot tub. One of the most major advantages of this heater is that it does not require a circulating pump or electricity because while the water heats up it naturally creates pumping action. This type of heating element is available in two variations- stoves that can be placed directly in the hot tub water and the stoves that can be placed outside the hot tub unit. The former heats the water rapidly. While the latter, heat the water slowly. Each of these stoves need to be lit continuously and need to be provided with firewood to make sure that the water remains warm during its use. While you do not use the hot tub, you must cover or drain the water after putting out the fire. This is done to prevent freezing of water in the cold weather.

Electric heater:

Electric heaters are extremely easy to use. All it requires is an electrical output. The amazing part is you do not have to install any extra wiring apart from the standard hook-ups. Electric heaters are self-contained and usually installed in the internal cabinet of the hot tub. The greatest advantage is that it is easy to install and repair if it is damaged.

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Gas heater:

These types of heater are powered by propane or natural gas. The gas heater is ideal for those who often use a spa during the cold weather. One of the best advantages of a gas heater is that it is much quicker in heating up the water than the electric heater. They are also less expensive and easy to operate. Propane or gas heating units utilise tanks of gas to ignite the entire heating element to warm the water.

Solar hot tub heating process is one of the best and common methods of heating above all these types of heaters. They use direct sun rays to heat the water and are one of the most consistent heating options. Perhaps they are the most eco-friendly options as fuels are not burned during the process of heating

Isn’t that a great feeling to take a warm relaxing bath especially when the weather is extremely chilly? The hot tub heaters ensure to keep the hot tub water temperature the same even in the winter.

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