There is a growing epidemic of mental health issues – caused in part by the isolation of the recent lockdowns, the health concerns surrounding the pandemic and the financial strain that this has taken on many people, as well as the general bad news that seems to keep coming.

This has taken its toll on many people and even those who have never suffered with a mental illness before have found that they have been struggling mentally.

Unfortunately, the demand for mental health services is so high, that there are long waiting lists full of people who are waiting on the help that they need. On top of this, most people still need to go to work to keep a roof on their heads and food on the table, which can be a struggle when fighting a mental illness.

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Something that can be beneficial is for workplaces to improve the awareness of mental health and to create an environment which is positive and understanding of mental health issues that may affect those that work there.

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A good way to do this is to train and educate staff on courses like these Tidal Training mental health training courses.

Another good way to increase an awareness of mental health is to encourage people to talk about it more – until recently, mental illness was a subject that wasn’t spoken about much, so encouraging communication about mental health is another good way to create more understanding and support in the workplace.



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