How to do cleaning at home with children

If you have children at home, cleaning and hygiene are surely one of your priorities at home. We tell you how to clean so that your home is healthy for the little ones.

When young children live at home, it is very likely that you will have to change your concept of order and cleanliness. Suddenly, your home is flooded with toys, and all the supplies you need for food, hygiene, transporting children … Therefore, before going to analyze the cleaning guidelines at home, it is necessary to rationalize some aspects basics that will make your life much easier and that go through not being so demanding, while still doing things well.

1. Reduce the number of decorative elementsHow to do cleaning at home with children

Try to minimize the number of decorative objects you have in your home, keep the surfaces of the tables and tables as clear of possible objects and get boxes or trunks in which you can store your little ones’ things. These cleaning guidelines will greatly help you maintain order in your home.

2. First of all, hygiene and disinfectionHow to do cleaning at home with children

Another very important aspect of cleaning has to do with disinfection. At this point, it is essential to note that disinfection is never possible without prior cleaning. Therefore, it is useless to use disinfectant products without first having thoroughly cleaned. And not only that, but it is necessary to take into account the toxicity of some cleaning products, so it is always a good idea to carefully examine their composition labels and to choose, preferably, eco-label cleaning products. For obvious reasons, the products should always be kept out of the reach of the little ones and it is not advisable to change their packaging, transferring them to bottles or glass jars that could lead to accidental ingestion.

If you use disinfectant products with a certain level of toxicity, such as bleach or ammonia. It is advisable to use them diluted and, preferably, when children are not at home. After disinfection, it is highly recommended to proceed to ventilation to eliminate the volatile elements that these products generate.

Although disinfection is important, it is not necessary to apply disinfectant products every day. However, it is convenient to keep the rags and cloths used for cleaning clean and disinfected. In this sense, it is advisable to wash them separately every two or three days of use. Immerse them in a solution of water with bleach for a few hours and leave them to dry well before their subsequent use.

3. Take advantage of optimal momentsHow to do cleaning at home with children

Cleaning at home, when the home is dominated by the little ones, is going to require you to make a special effort in maintenance tasks and impose small routines, such as taking advantage of children’s nap time to clean the dust or spend a few minutes before you go to bed to put everything in its place.

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