The medicinal plants take thousands of years helping people. It helps people to treat their illnesses and ailments, improving their health. From Vertical Gardens we want to present some of the most common house plants and easy to get medicinal plants. explaining what their benefits are and their different uses. This type of plants can interact with other medicines. Consult a specialist before using them.

Common house plants
Planting a tree is a special work. It’s like a hobby or a dream. But planting trees is also a very beneficial work. You can plant different types of medicinal tree. We recommend some common house plants according to medicinal.
Valerian is one of the best-known medicinal plants. Being an active ingredient in a significant amount of pharmaceutical drugs. This plant is suitable for those who suffer from anxiety, nervousness or depression. It can be easily obtained in stores of natural products or planted at home.

2.  Ginseng

Ginseng is a common ingredient in energy drinks, as it is one of the most suitable plants to combat fatigue and keep people active. Those who suffer from heart or depression can find a good solution and benefits in this natural plant.

3. The aloe vera

Few people are left as they do not know the properties and benefits of aloe vera. This plant helps to relieve burns and skin problems, which is why it is used in various aesthetic treatments. It also helps to improve some respiratory conditions, which makes it one of the most versatile medicinal plants that can be found.

4. The rosemary

Rosemary is an herb better known for its uses in the kitchen than for its medicinal properties. However, it is a plant full of healing and medicinal properties that improve health by helping. It helps to improve digestive respiratory and muscular problems.

5. The chamomile

Chamomile is a medicinal plant that has many daily uses. It is common to find chamomile infusions in almost all houses. As it helps to improve digestive disorders, calm the nerves and reduce irritation. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular medicinal healing plants among natural remedies.

6. The Dandelion

Dandelion is another of the plants easy to find in natural products stores. Besides being a flower widely used to decorate gardens. This plant is full of health benefits and widely used among medicinal remedies. as it helps to purify, improve intestinal transit and favors people with cholesterol problems.

7. The mint

Peppermint, like rosemary, is another of the herbs that are often used in cooking and cocktails. But in addition to having good flavor helps relieve stomach problems and is indicated for cases of nasal. Congestion, phlegm, and throat irritation, used as medicinal herbs.
8. Echinacea
It is one of the best plants to stimulate and benefit the immune system. This natural plant is perfect for those who want to stay healthy without resorting to traditional medicine. And it is used in a popular way to relieve cold symptoms.

9.  The parsley

We are all accustomed to using parsley as a culinary complement, but did you know that it also has medicinal properties beneficial to health? This plant is an excellent antioxidant and a great option to maintain kidney health.

10. Sage

Sage is one of the plants that has been used by man for hundreds of years. One of its main medicinal properties is its ability to effectively fight bacteria and heal wounds and cuts.

11. The peppermint

Peppermint is a derivative of mint that, like this one, is also commonly used in the kitchen. Among the medicinal properties of these herbs are its curative effects on the stomach. The respiratory problems, and its ability to reduce pain.

12. Thyme

Thyme, like many of the plants we have cited above, is very often used in the kitchen. Among the medicinal properties of this plant is its ability to improve digestion. It also relieves respiratory problems. Also, it helps keep insects away.

13. Cilantro

Again a plant of habitual use in the kitchen without knowing that, in addition. It helps to improve various stomach problems, insomnia, and even fatigue.

14. The basil

Not many people know that this culinary herb also has various healing and medicinal properties. As a medicinal plant, basil relieves headache and menstrual pain. Improves digestion, fights insomnia, helps prevent hair loss and strengthens the immune system. Among many other properties.

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