Although we may well be in the depth of winter there is always time to think about the garden.  Spring will soon be here and it is always a good time to start to plan what your spring and summer garden will look like.  Hopefully you should have had time to remove any weeds or any other flowers that you no longer want in the garden before everything goes dormant.  If you get the chance you should certainly make sure the lawn is cut to a decent length.  Now is also a good time to make sure you have plenty of Mountfield spares for any DIY Spare parts you may need.

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Try and think of this time as being a blank canvas.  It’s very possible that the weather will be too cold or too wet for you to work in the garden anyway.  Why not spend some of the Christmas period sketching out how you would like it to look?  Maybe this is the year to think about decking or some new slabs to create a patio.  Maybe there is the chance to decorate it with new pots.

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You may well also want to think about the theme. Japanese and Asian Gardens are increasingly popular,  for example.  There are several plants and geni that can be grown in a European garden.  However maybe you are more of a traditional British design.  Perhaps you could look at something along the lines of the formal with ordered rows of plants and small hedging.

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