Productivity in the workplace are one of those things that all employers are keen to improve. Here are three of the best ways you can make sure that your office is a better and more productive place to work in

Lighting – In a workplace lighting is one of those things that can have a huge impact on productivity. People are proven to work much better in places that have lots of natural daylight coming in. Of course, in some offices, this can be difficult due to how the office is designed, so fit LED bulbs which are designed to appear like daylight in the office to make sure it is light and bright.

Comfort – One of the most common complaints for office workers are problems caused by long hours sitting at a desk. Make sure that all staff are trained in how best to sit to avoid problems, and also that the best chairs are provided to support posture. As well as in the office, make sure that reception area also offers comfortable seating – many places provide reception chairs in a variety of styles to suit your budget and reception.

Tidiness – Keeping the office tidy s important – not only does it reduce mistakes such as things going missing in piles of paperwork, but it also makes the place run more efficiently as things are much easier to find in a tidy office. It also makes a bad impression on any visitors if they see an untidy, disorganised office.

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