Wood is still a popular and very effective building and crafting material. It is sourced from a variety of different tree species in many different countries. Oak for example is an incredibly strong wood and has a high hardness level which is what makes it the perfect wood for construction.

There are thought to be around 600 different species of oak. It is native to the Northern hemisphere region of the world and spans across the Americas, Asia, Europe and North Africa and exists in both cool temperate and tropical climates.

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North America is home to the largest number of oak species with around 90 found in the United States and also 109 native species in Mexico. China also has over 100 species. Oaks can be found in both evergreen and deciduous varieties. When choosing a wood for your next project, consider Timber Frame Construction from https://merlintimberframe.co.uk/

Oak trees form both male and female flowers. The fruit of the tree is an acorn which contains one seed each. It can take anywhere between six and eighteen months for an acorn to fully develop.

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Here are some of the ways in which oak wood has been used in both past and present times:

  • Viking longboats of the 9th and 10th centuries that were deemed to be of high status levels often had oak planking.
  • Oak panelling has been used in interior decorating since the middle ages with one notable example being the House of Commons.
  • Oak has often been used in the construction of fine furniture items.
  • Up until the 19th Century oakwood was used in Europe for building ships and was also utilised in the construction of many timber-frame buildings.
  • European and American oak are used to create the barrels in which spirits and wines are stored.

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