toilet needs neat clean. Because if you do not neat and clean your body that must be a danger for your home. Cause it carries so many germs. Here we represent you some tricks of cleaning the toilet. Our unique tips are baking soda and vinegar to unclog toilet.

Baking soda and vinegar to unclog toilet

In addition to the many cleaning virtues we know about the all-purpose powder, Baking Soda is also effective in the treatment of blocked pipes. Moreover, it allows in many cases to effectively treat the odors of pipes. Sodium bicarbonate comes in the form of crystals or powder and is bought in supermarkets. It is a natural product. In order to treat your channel odor problem or simply to unclog your toilet here is the method to follow:

Heat a pan of water over medium heat. Choose a pan with side handles for better control when pouring water.

Pour 1/2 half cup of baking soda into your sink, shower or wc to unclog or remove odors.

Remove the pan from the heat before it starts to form bubbles and boil and mix in half a cup of vinegar.

Pour the mixture hot water and vinegar into the toilet and close the bowl.

Leave on for 30 minutes (the reaction of the hot water + baking soda + vinegar mixture will produce bubbles that can be impressive but totally harmless)

Rinse your pipes to remove deposits. The trick AlloDouchache: Assuming you do not have baking soda, you can replace it with a cube of yeast. The effect remains less effective. This simple and natural method makes it possible to unclog the toilets rather easily by eliminating the small deposits of fat and tartar. Moreover, it is recommended in the preventive treatment of the plugs of pipes and bad smells.

Uncloged with dishwashing soap

A clogged toilet should not slow down your day or cost you money. So, before canceling your trip or working day to receive an unblocking business, try to unblock naturally with a little dishwashing liquid. A simple method of unclogging but very often effective for small pipe plugs. The cleaning agents that make up the dishwashing liquid will help break the line cap (unclog) and provide lubrication to the pipeline system. Within 15 minutes, your toilet will be functional again and you will be able to go about your business again.

Heat a saucepan of water over medium heat. Choose a pan with side handles for better control when pouring water.

Pour 1/2 half cup of dish soap into the toilet. Let the soap sit for 10 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat before it starts to bubble and boil. Pour hot water into the toilet quickly, the poured water will help break down the cap and clear the obstruction from the toilet. Hold the pot or pot by the side handles to avoid splashing with hot water. Repeat the de-clogging process with liquid soap and hot water, if necessary.

Wc clogged dishwashing liquid

This is the first method of unclogging toilet to implement when the plug is superficial. Be careful that there is not too much water in the bowl in which case, do not insist the risk of filling the toilet and overflow.

How to unclog a toilet with a hanger?

When the plug is near the hole in your toilet or your child has dropped and stuck a toy in the toilet, a simple and inexpensive method is to use a hanger to unclog your clogged toilet. However, this has a disadvantage of size, the risk of scratching the ceramic of your toilet. Indeed the use of metal on the ceramic causes scratches that can be large and deep; in which case you will not be able to delete the traces in your WC. Find a wire hanger. It must be wired because these are flexible and can be straightened easily. Cut with a tool one end and or remove the metal knot. Raise the hanger so that it is straight. Leave the hook at one end. Partly collect the toilet water with a container. Insert the hook and push the hanger away. (protect your toilet from scratches covering your hanger with several layers of cellophane-type plastic film). Rotate the hanger on each side in a circular motion to try to hook and destroy the stopper to unclog the line and release the hose. Use the hanger’s “hook” to grasp the items that are housed in the toilet and remove them. As another option, you can use the hanger to push plugs and open the toilet. If you can feel the obstruction in the wc duct, push on it. Continue until the water begins to drain. Give him some jolts. If the toilet uncorking with a hanger fails to remove the cap, it will use a suction system or a ferret.

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