Choosing the right door knocker for your home is an important decision that requires some thought about style, sound and functionality. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a new door knocker.

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History of the Door Knocker

Dating back to ancient Greek and Roman civilisations, door knockers served both practical and ornamental purposes for households and businesses. Over the years, stylised door knockers with popular lion head motifs also emerged across medieval Europe. By the Victorian era, door knockers had become hallmarks of prestigious estates, crafted with lavish embellishments that conveyed status.

A Choice of Materials

Material is key when choosing a door knocker. Common choices include brass, bronze, nickel, wrought iron and even glass. Brass knockers have an elegant, timeless look and are very durable against weathering, while wrought iron provides an antique, rustic appeal. Door knockers can fit on most types of doors, such as composite doors in Cirencester.

Choosing a Sound and Shape

Sound is another consideration when choosing a door knocker. A firm, loud knocker can enhance security, while a softer sound can be less noisy and surprising. The size, shape and material of the knocker all affect the tone and volume.

Oversized antique-style knockers make a statement, while discreet smaller knockers have an understated charm. Make sure you choose a proportion to suit the size of your door and home.

How easy it is to grasp also matters, especially for frequently used entrances. Choose a shape and size that fits comfortably in the hand and consider a lever-style door knocker for disabled accessibility. A wide range of composite doors Cirencester can be found in different styles and colours.

Personalisation and Installation

Personalisation can add a special meaning to your door knocker, and engraved initials or custom designs can reflect your personality. Finally, ensure that the door knocker is installed properly for your type of door, and allows full movement. Seek professional guidance if necessary.

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With creativity and a purposeful design, you can select a door knocker that welcomes visitors with style while making your entryway uniquely yours.

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