Buying a house is usually the biggest purchase a person ever makes. With mortgages, agreements, extensive paperwork, and frequent on-site visits – it’s a daunting task for buyers.

As a result, buyers are increasingly seeking digital solutions for their home buying experience. They’re not only browsing property listings online, but also completing a mortgage application and even hiring an agent remotely! Moreover, they’re using virtual reality (VR) technology to explore properties from the comfort of their homes.

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In fact, a recent study shows that VR is becoming increasingly popular for property searches, especially among younger buyers. Millennials, who make up the largest segment of the housing market, prefer to spend their time exploring virtual homes that best meet their needs rather than visiting 10 or more homes in person with an agent. When you need to find Stroud Conveyancing, take a look at

VR is a fresh way to see properties, as buyers can interact with the environment from the comfort of their own sofas. For example, they can explore the interior and exterior of a property from different perspectives and even walk through it like they’re physically there. They can also use augmented reality, which is an overlay of digital information over real-world objects and settings.

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In addition, AI can help streamline the house buying process by predicting which houses will be most attractive to buyers. For instance, AI tools enable agents to contact potential homeowners more quickly by analysing data like how long a homeowner has lived in their home or what neighbourhood prices are like.

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