As we do more work in our garden and expand the plant species; We are acquiring more tools and materials necessary to keep everything in our garden in optimal aesthetic and health conditions. It is true that the garage is the ideal place to have all the tools; but little by little it is “getting smaller” as we expand the garden, what is the solution? Well the famous wooden and metal booths for the garden; to give us a unique space for so many little things that we have been collecting.

However, we have two possible materials, metal and wood; what implies a variety of prices, effectiveness according to the climate and specific tricks for the installation according to the material. If you are debating between the wooden and metal booths; or if you already have yours at home but you want to know what they do not tell you in the instructions when it comes to putting them together

These are the three most important points to take into account when acquiring a booth of this style; so let’s analyze the situation carefully, only then you can acquire the model that best suits your needs.

Metal or wood, which one should you choose?

Undoubtedly, the moment that most generates doubts when buying garden sheds is this. Although both models, wood and metal; they offer a protection and a space for all the tools and materials of the garden ; The advantages and disadvantages of each are clear.

But to choose the ideal house that suits just what you need, you should consider only one relevant factor; and that’s the kind of climate in the area where you live. Whether metal or wood, make sure they are properly protected and with open pore paint. Inside (and preferably outside too) must be fireproof; besides having protection against UV rays.

The manufacturer and / or the seller that does not guarantee both properties mentioned above, you should discard it immediately.

Although the wood requires annual treatments of protection to avoid the production of fungi or the proliferation of insects that can destroy it; It is a material that looks beautiful of any color.

If you have flowering plants; combining the color of the house with these will be a great project to do. It is not just about installing it in your garden and using it for the rest of your life without worrying about its good condition; You must take care of it as another element of the garden.

On the other hand, metal booths do not require as much care, but if you live in an area where the sun and temperatures are tropical style; The most likely thing is that, in spite of the layers of paint and protection, the shed will become too warm internally.

Other material that may interest you

The resin booths are becoming increasingly popular; Maybe you want to check them out if you are looking for booths, this third option may be more suited to you.

Location of the house in the garden

Many stores advertisements of this type of structure show the booths at the center of the garden. However, when we use a little common sense and see the space we have, is this really the best place to place it?

Others recommend placing it under a tree so that the internal temperature of it stays in a pleasant range. However, once again we are facing a situation that is not really practical. If you want or should cut down that tree; You must move the house or run the risk of destroying it when the tree falls.

Therefore, neither to the center of the whole garden nor under the big tree. The true location of the wooden and metal sheds should preferably be near a point where it is not complicated to get electrical power and; Although it can be considered the booth at the moment of landscaping, it does not have to rob the protagonism of all the plants. That is, you should not put it at the center of everything.

Price ranges, what is fair and what should you buy?

The functional, spacious cabins with double doors to comfortably store large gardening equipment; that type of wooden and metal sheds (as well as resin), oscilas $ 1200. Conduct the conversion for your country if you want to get a clearer idea in your local currency.

This does not include shipping costs, nor the time, effort and money that you must invest in other details of your installation. However, you can decrease that amount extremely by building a shelter yourself.

If you want a metal hut, you could use galvanized tin beams; they are assembled as a mechanism and they cheapen the cost incredibly.

On the other hand, if you prefer the wooden huts; then you have the option of using pallets. Many manufacturers that also recycle; they use pallets in their prefabricated wooden sheds; Obviously, they will charge you an additional cost for having elaborated the pertinent treatment to the wood.

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