The fences for gardens can become a big headache when they are chosen without criteria and only for aesthetics.  we have had (and many times) to deal with many problematic fences; due to the bad decisions that people made at the time when buying them.

For that reason; we wanted to take this initiative and tell you in depth detail everything you need to know when buying a fence for your garden . And not only that. We also bring you our very specific suggestions; based on our own experiences. So, if you are going to buy fences for your garden; The first thing you should do is read this article until the end.

And as you already know (and if you did not know, now you do); not always the most expensive is the best. Neither the most expensive fence is always the one you need. But first let’s see what the market offers us.

Metallic Fences

Whether aluminum, wrought iron or; stainless steel. It can be said that they are the most robust in the market.

Designed to offer a high degree of privacy; They are characterized by being composed of several panels that require some additional expertise to be armed.

But if you need to isolate a space that does not already have this type of construction; This is where negative factors begin to emerge.

Plastic Fences

The most common in the current market. Manufactured with blends of polymers ideal for the weather; they offer an often ideal balance between the robust and the economic.

Of course, its most notable feature is the resistance of the material over time. And, although the plastic itself is very resistant; the one implemented in fences for gardens is even more so, because of the technologies with which they manufacture it.

The greatest variety of colors in terms of fences, can be obtained in the area where they exhibit plastic. They also imitate other materials, especially wood.

Wood Fences

From technology to the classic. The wooden fences are the basis of this industry. From simple trunks tied to each other every certain distance with wires; until structures that can be considered a work of art of carpentry.

If we are located in the garden of our house , it is logical to think that the fences to be installed are made of wood. And this is something that you must not forget; When the fence will be used only for plants, the best option to take can be wood.

Hence, in terms of landscaping; it is best not to try to complicate the simplest things.


Ask yourself this question, how often do you think a fence should be changed? An element of this type, regardless of its height; It is not something that should regularly require attention from us.

You must visualize a fence, in the same way you visualize a wall. Its function is to delimit the spaces and, with a little effort; It can become an important aesthetic aggregate in landscaping.

But beyond that, it should not require you to add a new responsibility to your agenda. Much less should it mean an additional expense for the gardener or for another person who will charge for their services.

Why do you put the fence?

Although you do not believe it, the objectives by which you place the fences; It can mean a lot when making the right decision.

If you want to extend a vine across the fence to achieve a strength effect, then you should not aim precisely at the wooden structures.


Whether iron or wood, this type of fencing requires that your paint be renewed regularly. Either to prevent oxidation or prevent damage caused by insects.

This is not the case with plastic fences, whose coating of paint or external appearance is much more durable. This thanks to the chemicals that are used in them.


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