Many of us, all over the UK are doing as much as we can to reduce our energy use. As well as the rising costs of energy bills, the climate crisis needs to be stopped, and saving energy is something that is beneficial for both of these reasons.

When you are thinking of ways to reduce your energy usage there are lots of things that you can do to help – common solutions include getting a professional like this Evesham boilers company to install a more energy efficient boiler, if you have an older model, it is likely to not be as energy efficient as more modern types, as well as switching to energy efficient light bulbs. But there are plenty of other ways to reduce your energy costs – here are some of them…

Clear some Oven Space – Most of us leave baking trays, grill pans etc in the oven, but do you know all this extra stuff in there blocks the flow of the air inside the oven? This means that it needs to use more energy when cooking. So, if you are only using one tray, get into the habit of taking everything else out.

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Plan your Washing – The washing machine can take a lot of energy to run, especially if you have a big family. The most economical way to wash clothing, bedding and towels is to wash larger loads but not as often. Try to plan loads of washing and make the most of the space in the washing machine, as this will really help to conserve energy.

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Defrosting Food – The microwave is another thing that you don’t always need to use. When it comes to defrosting, try to defrost food in the fridge rather than using the microwave. Although it is a fast and convenient method to do it with, it also uses a lot more energy to do it this way.

Look after the Freezer – The freezer is something that needs electricity to run, and an essential in our homes, helping to store and keep food fresh. However, if your freezer is packed full of ice, then it is costing you more money to run than it needs to, so you should defrost it. Because the ice is an insulator, the poor old freezer is working harder to keep the temperature cool enough.

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