Park homes have changed significantly over time and now come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at this evolution.
History of park homes

Park homes first appeared in the UK in the early 20th century, primarily as a form of temporary housing for travellers and holidaymakers. These early mobile homes were relatively basic in design and often lacked modern amenities.

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After World War II, there was a housing shortage in the UK and park homes began to evolve into more permanent and comfortable residences. The government introduced legislation to regulate the industry, leading to improved standards and living conditions in residential parks.

The iconic caravan shape was replaced in the early 1970s, with panoramic window bays introduced to give great views. Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, park homes underwent substantial modernisation. They began to offer better insulation, central heating, double glazing and improved layouts, which made them more suitable for year-round living and they started to attract a wider demographic. The park home lifestyle gained popularity in the 1990s, prompting new residential parks to be built nationwide.

Modern park homes

Over the past decade, park homes have seen a significant transformation towards more luxurious furnishings and modern appliances. You can now lower your ecological footprint, as modern park homes often offer energy-efficient features such as solar panels and insulation. This will reduce both your environmental impact and energy costs. Today’s park homes come in a wide range of designs, sizes and layouts to cater to various preferences and needs. You will find luxury touches such as en-suite bathrooms, walk-in closets, and contemporary kitchens. These high-tech park homes now offer customisable layouts and can even be modified to accommodate wheelchair access.

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With so many options for elegant and comfortable park homes in welcoming communities, finding the perfect home has become easier than ever.

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