Winter is approaching quickly now – the clocks have gone back meaning that we are finding we have no more evenings sat out in the garden as darkness descends before we have even left work! Now is the time of the year when we want to be comfortable and cosy in the home so that we can shut the bad weather away outdoors where it belongs. However, as this time of year brings a lot of bad weather with it, it is sensible to make sure that our homes are up to the job of protecting us from the elements.

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Here are some of the things that you should check before we enter the winter…


Keeping the house warm in the winter months is an essential part of staying healthy. For some people, such as elderly people and infants, it is a serious matter as it can lead to serious illness, or even death if the home is too cold. Low temperatures cause hypothermia, as well as worsening problems that are common in the winter such as respiratory illnesses like the flu and winter colds. Before winter sets in it is wise to have the heating checked by a professional and if necessary have repairs made to it – make sure that you use someone who is qualified to do this such as this boiler repair Gloucester based company who will do it safely.

The Roof

The roof of the house is what keeps you safe from the worst of all the winter weathers, but it can take a battering in the winter months, so it is a good idea to give it a check before the winter sets in. Look for issues like gutters that are blocked with things like moss and leaves and clear them out, as well as things like missing or broken tiles on the roof. The high winds that often arrive at this time of the year can cause big problems for the roof so be aware of the fact that it could dislodge loose tiles. Also keep an eye on trees that are near the house, as if they are unstable already the branches or even the whole tree could be blown off in high winds and come down on the roof causing a lot of damage.

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Due to the darker evenings in the winter, you will also need to be aware of the higher risk of burglaries at this time of the year. Especially around the festive season where a combination of long hours of darkness and many expensive gifts inside the home attracts burglars, so now is the time to step up your home security. Adding things like security lighting around the home, especially in darker areas such as the garden and around side entrances and outbuildings is a wise idea, as well as alarm systems and cameras – these are likely to deter a would-be burglar who doesn’t want to be seen and caught in the act!

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