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Gardening ideas-To reform the garden or the terrace with the entrance of the spring is one of the activities that we always mark ourselves when we have garden or terrace to enjoy the heat of the sun. The gardens with swimming pool and barbecue allow the little ones to play in the garden surrounded by nature with the option of taking a swim in the pool. Without forgetting the elderly, who will enjoy all this plus a good barbecue. If you want to enjoy your space when it gets cold, you can contemplate the possibility of reforming the terrace with an enclosure. So you can use it in the season of the year you want.

Before starting to reform the garden and terrace, it is very important to plan the project to take into account the factors involved in the reform. The design of the exterior space must assess the temperature, orientation, materials. Space and decoration that we want to give to make our terrace unique. From specialized in constructions and reforms in USA. We will advise you on what you need and you can also request a quote without commitment.

Important factors to reform the gardening ideas

the gardening ideas

It is not the same to have a space where the sun is the protagonist than another that is under trees and in the shade. For this reason, temperature is a key element that will tell us which is the best place to build our design pool. Followed by the temperature, there is the orientation of our facade. With a south orientation the terrace will have sun throughout the year, positive aspect although a pergola or trees must be placed to give shade. If, on the contrary, the orientation is towards the north. The space will be studied to make the most of it and that the shade does not take away the illusion of building the pool. The third factor is the materials, it is highly recommended to waterproof the terrace. If you have to paint the walls, choose an exterior painting. This way you will make sure that your walls will be protected from leaks or humidity. The space defines where and how the furniture. The pool, the barbecue will be located … That is why it is necessary to plan ahead and assess the place of each element. By last, the decoration will give character and personality to our space. We recommend upholstering with plain fabrics or small prints of light colors that do not diminish luminosity. Introducing a touch of color that gives freshness to your comfort zone.

Reform the garden with a Japanese garden design

Betting on a Japanese style design will bring serenity and tranquility to your space, making it your best spiritual refuge and place of peace. These are some of the characteristics that define Japanese gardening ideas. Permanent contact with nature; use of odd tree and rock numbers to generate asymmetry; “Less is more”, that is, it is a design that bets for simplicity. Avoid geometric shapes and artificial stones; placement of fountain, rocks, water and plants.

Renovation with terrace enclosure

If you want to use the terrace during the four seasons, there is the possibility of closing your terrace. Of course, first of all, if you live in a building you must ask permission to the community and also obtain the license of the City Council. Choose among the most common and economic materials: aluminum and PVC. If you have a larger budget, we recommend glass or wood. Choose the material you choose, you should not skimp on it. Because you will avoid problems related to temperature and expense on your bill. One of the most attractive advantages of an enclosure is the amplitude that your home gains. Since you allow you’re interior and exterior to be connected to each other through large windows. And similar floors so as not to lose this connection.

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