Self-storage is a quick, affordable, flexible way of storing your personal possessions, no matter what category they fall into.

Crave Mag lists a whole host of benefits to storing your belongings in a self-storage unit, including freeing your home of clutter, protecting your belongings from the elements, having easy access to your items and preservation of perishables .

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What can I safely put into storage?

1.      Furniture, no matter how large. Make sure that it is bubble wrapped and clean to ensure that it comes out in optimum condition.

2.      Electronic items/appliances can be safely self-stored. However, a climate-controlled unit may be optimal to prevent damage.

3.      Clothes that are seasonal such as coats, swimsuits, and fur. They should be packed up in cardboard and hangers used where possible, to keep them in optimum condition.

4.      Paperwork and documentation. Although it is helpful to ensure that they are in an organised filing system before committing them to off-site storage.

5.      Seasonal sports equipment such as snowboards, surfboards and skis. Make certain that they are wiped clean and in their original packaging before storing them.

6.      Even vehicles can be stored in a self-storage unit. This is an ideal option when travelling if you do not have access to a garage or other secure site for your car. Ensure that your storage facility is climate controlled so that your vehicle does not become damaged.

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Where can I find further information?

Storage facilities can be found in convenient locations nationwide. There are said to be 2,231 sites across the UK. For self storage Dudley and the surrounding areas, visit an expert such as Anchor Self Storage to find useful information on differing unit sizes, lease options, and helpful advice.

Good storage providers can always provide additional help and advice on what can be stored and how to store items correctly. With the vast array of unit sizes available, it is now possible to store more than ever off-site, with the peace of mind that it is safe and secure.

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