When considering kitchen design there is something of a debate to be had. A new kitchen needs to incorporate all of the modern appliances within it. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a utility room it’s a good bet that you will need to incorporate your washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher into the kitchen.  It’s also a given that the fridge and freezer will also need to be a part of the kitchen equation.  If you are starting from scratch then kitchen designers and the supplier of the kitchen will draw up a plan as to how they will be fitted into that layout of the area.  There is a chance that you can save yourself considerable time and money by investing in a Kitchen Refurb instead.  taking the existing units and appliances and giving the whole thing a new look may be a simpler and more affordable option.


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With regards to the appliances there is always a question of whether to integrate or not integrate.  For many this may be a simple matter of taste.  Are you the type of person that’s happy to have their appliances on show and easily noticeable?


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There are those of us who would much rather have such things hidden away and seemed to be a seamless part of the kitchen units themselves.  Neither of these choices are an issue for somebody working for the kitchen refurbishment company.  Either of these aesthetic tastes and needs can easily be incorporated into the updated design.

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