The spices that you can plant at home are many and of excellent quality. Then they can be used in the kitchen for all those dishes that we want. Do not miss the option to grow at home on the balcony, in the patio or on the terrace. Get oregano, mint, basil and many great aromatics.

Spices you can plant at home: dill

We can grow dill in spring to have it in your kitchen soon. You should leave about 20 cm between plant and plant, if you cultivate them with more quantity. Soon you can start cutting the leaves . What do you think of this spice?


This aromatic is ideal for those who do not remember to water the plants. Thyme can grow on almost any type of soil and on any side, although it needs much or little shade. Does not require great care all you need is good drainage.

If you choose to plant the seeds we can do it in the fall and when the thyme grows we can use it practically all year round. Although if you want something faster we can multiply the plant by cuttings.


This plant does not have a great care but it does require a lot of sun for its development. The soil does not have to be very fertilized and is grown in spring. We can collect in summer and for this the bushes are cut and left to dry. The seeds are then separated and stored for use in the kitchen.


This aromatic plant is also very easy to care for and we will have rosemary whenever we want in the kitchen. The most important of all is that it has good drainage, otherwise you do not have to water it a lot and it does not need direct sunlight. The best time to grow this plant is in spring. When it has grown enough we can harvest by cutting its twigs and keeping them.

 white mustard

This plant should be cultivated in clay soil and poor in nitrogen. It is usually sown between April and June to be used in the spring. The most used of this plant are the seeds but also the leaves for salad. Before using it, we must wait for the seeds to dry .


Parsley is widely used in cooking and with little care we can grow it at home. It is a very resistant plant that only needs moist soil and rich in nutrients. The best time to grow parsley is spring and in about three months we can start cutting the fresh leaves of the plant . Delicious truth?

Spices you can plant at home: cilantro

Cilantro is also widely used in various culinary dishes. The only thing that we have to take into account, when it comes to cultivating it, is to locate the pot in a place where there is enough lighting. For the rest, this plant needs normal soil, good drainage and a temperate climate. We can plant it in the spring.

We must bear in mind that cilantro does not withstand low temperatures so we can have it indoors during the winter. When watering it does not need to be frequent. Finally, when it has grown, we can cut the leaves and stems from the base of the plant. Let’s try not to use the older shoots since these have a bitter taste that will spoil any dish.


This resistant plant is perfect for planting using the seeds or multiply it by cuttings. To grow it is best done in the spring and placing the plant where it receives a lot of sun. Once the plant has grown we can enjoy it for many years.


This plant does not resist frost so it is better to plant it in mild times. The basil needs a lot of light but not directly from the sun. It is very important to give a regular and with it in a short time you can use their leaves to cook delicious dishes . We just have to bear in mind that basil is an annual plant, so we should replant it every year.


Mint is easy to maintain so you should not have any problems growing it. In a pot we put the earth, add the seeds and cover with more soil. We put it in a place where the sun and just keep it moist without getting dry.

It is very important not to spend with water because we only want wet earth. If you do not know how to do it or the soil dries up or becomes too wet, you can put the mint leaves in a container. Take warm water with a little fertilizer. Then we put the container next to the window. Then we will only worry about changing the water every week and cleaning the algae. In a month we can start harvesting.


This plant occupies a little more than others, so we should give it a little more space. Choose a place where there is plenty of sun and a pot with good drainage. We will water it regularly and ready. It is a plant that does not need great care, only space. If it grows more than 45 cm maybe we should transfer it to a larger pot. Do you want to know about other plants that need a lot of sun.


The salvia requires a place where the sun and clay soil. It is a plant that we can grow at the end of spring and a few weeks later we will see the first shoots.

The earth we must keep it always wet, while they are growing. When it is an adult plant we will water only when the soil is dry. When we go to harvest the plant we will have to dry the stems face down.

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