Between tastes and colors, when choosing the details for the home, there is nothing written. That is why it is common to find those who would like the terrace and the garden to be together to enjoy their day to day pleasantly.

The gardens are a fundamental part of any home, because the greenery and freshness of the plants bring comfort and warmth to the whole environment. In addition, they are an incalculable source of comfort for those who live there.

On the other hand, the terraces offer an unparalleled space for afternoon tea or sitting down to read a good book in the cool of the day and, if the panorama allows the next thing to be visualized is the garden, the advantages of their surroundings increase to a large degree.

The first thing to build good terraces will then be to consider the use of high resistance materials such as water resistant pallets . Many of them have the ideal characteristics to be part of the external environments of the home thanks to their greater resistance, so choosing carefully is essential, especially if you are in areas of high humidity like Ibiza .

The good news is that technology has advanced a lot in this aspect in recent times, allowing for easy-to-install pallets, whose cleaning is comfortable and simple, and with luxury finishes to choose the one that best suits each case.

With this, the first phase for your terrace will be resolved and you will only have to check other aspects such as the setting and the care of the garden.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the decoration with plants should not only be relegated to the garden, even when it is next to the terrace, but to address this aspect is equally important in decoration of terraces and balconies according to the website Pinch of Home , where they recommend very good alternatives to give a natural touch to this area.

In this sense, there are many options to which attention can be paid, either taking advantage of the highest space with hanging plants, placing some of good size in pots in a corner or showing them organized on shelves.

A better cleaning for a better use of space

One of the keys at the time of applying techniques of reforms and decoration is to take advantage of the spaces correctly.

That is why it is necessary to take care of both the terrace and the garden, so that they can develop harmoniously without bothering each other’s activities , so it is always appropriate to have paths around each one.

Cleaning is also essential, because if the plants grow disproportionately in the garden, they can cause damage to the structure of the terrace, an issue that requires a robotic lawnmower indispensable.

To choose wisely, it is best to verify that the robot has a sensor of good capacity, thus avoiding collision with the elements arranged in the garden and generating damage to its structure. It is also essential to know the power they handle and how they work with them.

Doing this work in the area of ​​the terrace as such is also profitable, as it will allow a more pleasant environment to share the day to day or any meeting with family or friends.

The only difference is that this time the ally we should have is a robot vacuum cleaner , because it will allow us to have the whole area well cleaned and without us having to make a lot of effort. It also has the fact that it can be used in any area of ​​the house.

Today, technology has advanced a lot in this area, making it easier for vacuum robots to perform several functions with a single equipment , whether sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, quick cleaning or stopping at specific places. Therefore, knowing how to choose the best model becomes fundamental.

If you already have these two well-prepared areas at home, you will only enjoy them. In case it has not occurred to you before and you are thinking about doing a reform, you already know in what points you can focus so that it is an excellent investment.

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