In an increasingly chaotic world, contact with nature becomes necessary not only to oxygenate our organism with fresh air; also to calm our thoughts and beautify the spaces in which we live. Today we give you a series of gardening tricks that will help you to be an expert in the subject.

If you are one of those who enjoys entering a florist, nursery or simply walking through a park, we bring you good news. And the best thing is that you should not have extensive square meters of garden or terraces to implement these green tips.

Gardening tricks for beginners

Appropriate tools

These will depend on the dimensions and how much work you want to take on. However, a basic kit includes scissors and rake, metal shovels and spatulas, wire, rope rolls and a pair of gloves!

Pots and containers

They are essential both for planting exotic flowers, as well as for storing fertilizer and utensils. We recommend that you mix traditional materials such as terracotta and other more modern materials such as fiberglass.


One of the tricks of gardening that more benefits entails is to have a padded support that you can support when pruning or watering the bushes. You can also use an old yoga mat, but do not forget, your knees will thank you!


For all those looking for the most ecological and natural solutions possible, there are some homemade mixtures that serve to keep pests away. For example, the one made with garlic, onion and water.

Watering times

If you plan to make gardening one of your hobbies, it is important that you give it a practical sense; and nothing better than doing it according to your schedule. Therefore, make part of your morning or night routine to water the grass, the orchard of aromatic herbs, ferns or orchids. Remember that each species has its own cycle that you must respect, so inform yourself first.

Seeds to be planted

When living in a tropical area, there is good weather almost all year round; But one of the best gardening tricks is to store the seeds, stems and other things in clean jars and in dry places. Otherwise, they could germinate on their own.


Another essential element for the growth of plants and flowers. If you are determined to delve into this discipline, you can make compost or homemade compost; with egg shells and fruit and a little dirt.

Delineate the areas

Another of the basic tips is to delimit the areas. The simplest way is to use a pair of trunks or bamboo sticks and string. Thus the roses or the climbing plants will wither.

Comfortable move

Something you are sure of, but worth remembering. Working in the garden is synonymous with getting dirty hands, elbows and clothes! We advise you to allocate a pair of old jeans and shoes only for outdoor hours.

Play the decorator

Colorful, fragrant and exuberant, the vegetation is ornamental; so do not be afraid to give relevance when using raise pots  in the entrance hall.

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