Solar panels represent a vital step in utilising the most from renewable energy. So, the panels have been with us for over 100 years, and their development has been incredible. They may represent one way out of the current climate Crisis by giving us a consistent power supply.  A solar panel uses all light; it doesn’t have to be a sunny day. Here are the main ways the solar panel can store that power in its battery. Solar Panel Installation Portishead based experts Redbridge are one of the leading installers of these green devices.

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Within the panels is a battery or a series of batteries. This stores energy commuted throughout your home, powering the appliances and lights. The more energy solar power generates, the more it is stored in the battery. This is particularly useful because, at night, it slowly drains the energy that has managed to be stored in the battery.

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Different battery types vary from solar panel to solar panel. Typically, lead acid has been used, but the more powerful lithium-ion is now the most popular. Lithium-ion is generally used more efficiently than most others. As with other systems, this battery is measured in kilowatt-hours. This is the rating for how much energy it can store. If the panel is performing exceptionally well, it is possible to add more batteries to harvest more energy. This means positioning the solar panels is crucial to harvesting as much light as possible.

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